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From Levy Administration to Buying and Selling Property, we provide a range of services second to none. Select Service Packages and Management Models to support your requirements for Sectional Title Management or HOA Management Services.


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The secure web site is available 24/7 to registered members on a “want to know” basis. Our secure web site is kept up to date with all types of documentation, financial and management information i.e. minutes of meetings, budgets and expenditure, etc.

Data Safety

The BC/HOA data is safeguarded by weekly triple computer backups as well as scanning of documents into the secure website and off-site storage of older documents.

Financial Security

To avoid risk, you can control the bulk of your funds in your own account, while we use the operating account.

Knowledge and experience

You need service from people who know what they do, therefore we have qualifications like: B.Com Accounting (UP) and certificates in Sectional Title Scheme Management (4) from UCT. One Director/Principal has the  NQF 6 MDP (UP) Management certificate since 1984. Other senior Personnel have the UCT Certificate in Home Owners’ Association Management (2). We have Certificated qualifications (3) of the Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers;  Years of experience in debt collecting; Certificated qualifications (CEA) (2) of the Estate Agency Affairs Board; Skills, experience and a Diploma (Industrial Relations) to assist with labour-related issues like employment contracts, disciplinary actions and administration to CCMA level.